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Offering high quality natural stone statues/sculptures and stone fountains,stone fireplaces mantel products to the around the world from Muses Art Gallery,Worlding leading marble sculptures,stone fountains,marble fireplace surrounds,gazebos,custom statues manufactures.

White Marble Apostles St Peter Statue Catholic Religious Sculpture Church Supply Warehouse MS-136

NO: MS-136
Item: Religious Statue
Size: 5.9 feet without Base
Material ; natural marble,sandstone or granite
Tech: hand caved and high polished;
Related: Saint Peter statue, st. Paul sculpture, Catholic sculptures,religious statues

Famous 12 Saint Apostles St Peter Statue And St Paul Sculpture for Church MS-135

NO: MS-135
Theme: Catholic 12 Saint Apostles Statues
Name; Saint Paul Statue, St Peter Sculpture
Size: 5.9 feet in height without base
Material: Natural white marble
Tech: hand carved by Muses masters
Production Time: 30 days
Payment:By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipment

Catholic Marble 12 Apostles St. Paul Statue Saint Paul Sculpture for Sale MS-132

NO: MS-132
Name: Statue of Saint Paul
Theme: Catholic Saint Statues
Material: Natural White Marble
Related: Saint Peter,Church statues,Catholic sculptures,
Tech: Hand Carved
Production Time; 20 Days;
Payment: 50% deposit and the rest balanced before shipping or after the B/L copy by T/T

Catholic Kneeling Praying Angel Statues Baby Sculptures Cherub Statue for Church MS-131

NO: MS-131
Category: Kneeling Praying Angel Statues
Material: Natural White Marble;
Related: kneeling praying angel for church, angel status for grave,baby angel memorial statue;
Tech: Hand Carved 100%;
Production Date:25 Days

Catholic Church Marble Altars Table Church Altars Designs for Sale MS-129

Material: Natural white marble;
Category: Catholic Church Altars
Related: Church Sculptures,Church Altars,Catholic Church Pulpits;
Tech: Hand Carved and High Polished

Church Crosses Crucifix with Jesus Statue Catholic Religious Sculpture for Sale MS-130

NO: MS-130
Category: Catholic Sculptures,Church Crucifix;
Material: Natural White Marble;
Size: Height: 48 inches;Width:20 inches.
Tech: Hand Carved and High Polished finish;
Status: in Stock;

Life Size Virgin Mary with Jesus Statue with Marble Carving for Sale MS-126

Choose a lovely Virgin Mary with Jesus Statue with white robes or opt for a more colorful Mother with Child marble carve statue.
Model Number:MS-126
Material: White Marble
Keyword: Virgin Mary with Jesus Statue
Keyword: Marble Statue for Sale

Catholic White Marble Pulpit with Pure Hand Carved for Church for Sale MS-121

The pulpit is the position of the Christian church missionaries.So if any requirement about White Marble Pulpit,please contact with MUSES GALLERY.
Item Number: MS-121
Keyword: Marble Pulput
Keyowrd: White Marble Pulpit

Famous Saint Anthony of Padua Statue Outdoor Saint Statues for Sale MS-120

This Saint Anthony of Padua Statue is about 6 feet tall made of high quality white marble.Whether you’re shopping  Saint Anthony of Padua Statue for outdoor or indoor figures, our large selection ensures you’ll find the perfect piece for your space.
Item Number: MS-120
Keyword: Catholic Religious Statue
Keyword: Saint Anthony of Padua Statue

Life Size Famous Pieta Statue Catholic Religious Sculpture Mary with Jesus Statue for Sale MS-119

Famous Pieta Statue is made of pure white natural marble, standing 120cm,150cm and 180cm which is an elegant decoration for the interior church or garden.
Item No: MS-119
Keyword: Famous Pieta Statue
Keyowrd: Pieta Statue for Sale

Life Size Famous Pope Saint Peter Statue Marble Catholic Religious Statue for Sale MS-118

This is a beautiful and impressive Saint Peter Statue.The height is about 6 feet.Saint Peter Statue, who was also known as a Simon Peter in Cephas, is considered the first one.
Item No: MS-118
Keyowrd: Saint Peter Statue

Famous Three Goddesses Replica The Three Graces Statues Marble Sculptures for Sale MS-118

The Three Graces is famous female sculptures and many clients from all over the world like the sculptures, The Three Graces sculpture shows the beautiful lines of women, in addition to the beauty of the body, it also shows the inner temperament of women.The Three Graces is designed based on The Three Graces original sculptures.
Style:female sculptures
Material: Nature Marble
Size:H:69(In) or customized
Production Time: 20 Days
Payment:By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipment

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